[Talk-us] Differences with USA admin_level tagging

OSM Volunteer stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Mon Jul 10 23:39:28 UTC 2017

Adam Franco writes his general agreement that Greg's assessment of Massachusetts applies to Vermont.  As I compare these two rows in the table, they are identical at admin_levels 6, 7 and 8, differing only in Precinct and Ward at 9 for the former and Village and District for the latter.  I do mention "Gores" (et al) in the Notes (specifically Note 18) as being best described as not part of any administrative division below the state (4) level.  I believe the process you describe for tagging villages and towns in Vermont is correct (to the extent they are actually census or special-purpose districts, as for water/sewer), however be aware that when such entities are "incorporated" they most likely rise to the level of deserving of an admin_level tag.  Adam, if any of that is not OK, please chime in.


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