[Talk-us] Talk-us Digest, Vol 116, Issue 20

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Jul 12 06:57:11 UTC 2017


On 11.07.2017 22:31, OSM Volunteer stevea wrote:
>> The only reason to have an admin level 4 boundary inside a state, would
>> be if there was somehow a piece of *federal* territory inside the state.
>> Only then would the state have a "hole" in it that would be tagged with
>> admin level 4! An area inside the state that is state-governed because
>> of a lack of admin_level 5+ entity does not need its own boundary. It is
>> defined by the boundaries of the admin_level 5+ entities that surround it.
> OK, I'll take your word for it.  But I ask you to please further clarify that in that first case (where you say *federal*):  is it more correct to say "anything above state?"  

Yes, if there were something at admin_level 3 then of course the area
where a hole was punched into the admin_level 4 area (*or* a gap between
neihgbouring admin_level 4 areas!) would be assumed to be governed by
that admin_level 3 body.


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