[Talk-us] Texas - redacted roads.

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 01:54:43 UTC 2017

Clifford wrote
"Looking at the data from
Austin, the road should be name Reed Will Drive."

Hi Clifford.
Which site did you find the authoritive data for Austin from?  (Tiger has
nothing and is not authorative anyway, as far as I can tell)

The Cit of Austin  site
has "Redwill Drive"

has "Reed Will Drive"

There is annecdotal evidence that the street signs have (or maybe had)
"Reed Will Drive"

So, firstly I think we need to find out what the street signs say
currently. Then we need to contact all authoritive holders of this data to
clarify what name is correct and to ensure all occurrences are fixed as

In the meantime what would you suggest is the best action to take?
Lets say the street sign is wrong (REED WILL) and the correct data is City
of Austin's Redwil.

Should we (in OSM) put what the user will probably search for, the correect
(hypothetically) Redwil or should we put the "ground truth" (REED WILL)
which is what the user will see if he acually ever makes it to that

PS - I have just noticed that the City of Austin website has an attribution
of "Map data @2017 Google"
Does this mean that the displayed names are from google rather than City of
Austin and therefore not usable by us.
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