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>Can you explain what your goal/desire is for these non-divided highways
>to be labeled trunk?  Is it about a small-scale render showing them,
>when if they are primary, Alaska looks empty when it shouldn't?  Some
>sense of hierarchical views of road networks?  Something else?

@Bradley - I didn't tag them originally and don't particularly care how
they're tagged. Routing in rural Alaska is pretty simple because there's
only one way to get from Anchorage to Fairbanks and to Homer, where I live
LOL. That's why I prefaced my comment by saying I have no stake in the
outcome of this conversation. I only want to stay tuned in so I can
understand any changes to our rationale.


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> > I reject this because it will lead to an overemphasis of relatively
> smaller
> > roads.
> I disagree, and would be more inclined to say that this is exactly
> what we need. The US has loads of primaries, and fairly so, but this
> tends to bury the more important among those.
> Even if there is a strict, verifiable criteria set for what
> constitutes an expressway, I don't think it's what we should use to
> determine the importance of a road, and thus use of the trunk tag. I
> don't think it's a term that, in the US, has meaning to the average
> non-highway-engineer citizen in the same way that a freeway does.
> Other countries that lack a clear expressway system, like Canada and
> the UK, use the trunk tag (successfully) in the same way that I am
> suggesting the U.S. use it. The UK/Canada system and the central
> Europe system both adopt the tag in a way that makes sense for the
> road network they have. We are trying to shoehorn the central European
> tagging system into our country when, to me, it makes more sense to
> use the UK/Canada system. Why does it benefit map users in the US to
> set the second most important class of roads equivalent to roads that
> are physically an expressway, especially when this could easily be
> tagged separately?
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