[Talk-us] Something very bad happening in Maryland?

Ben Discoe bdiscoe at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 20:03:26 UTC 2017

If you look across a large area of the Maryland, for example around here:

You may notice a few very odd things.

1. Back in 2015, user 'gdoyle' created a large number of buildings,
using small, incorrect geometry.

2. This week, user 'annapolissailor' has been doing a massive building
import in the same area.  This time the geometry is detailed, however:

  A. The changesets (such as
say the source is "Bing", when they are clearly not Bing.  Presumably
they are some official GIS building footprints, but of unknown origin.

  B. The changeset comment says "Huge number of validation fixes and
merges", when the actual change is adding thousands of nodes (not
fixes, not merges, not validation)

  C. Thousands of these buildings are being uploaded incorrectly with
ONLY their nodes, not ways.

I left a comment on one of the changesets asking 'annapolissailor'
what they are doing, but maybe somebody here already knows?


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