[Talk-us] Low-quality NHD imports

Michael Patrick geodesy99 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 18:38:16 UTC 2017

> Maybe we can get someone to host NHD data for others to trace in. If
is reading this and is willing to host the data, I'm willing to help with
the design and conversions.

The USGS provides several WMS endpoints for the NHD
<https://nhd.usgs.gov/index.html> , most likely these will connect with
JOSM ( and qGIS ) for tracing or import.

Depending when imports were made will affect the quality - NHD is a moving
target, and as high resolution aerial Lidar and Satellite SAR elevation
data is made available, the resolution improves dramatically. Also, there
are different datasets available for different scales. See

> (Winters can be miserable.)

I miss Chinooks! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinook_wind

Michael Patrick
Data Ferret
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