[Talk-us] Open survey on participation biases in OSM

Rihards richlv at nakts.net
Tue Sep 5 09:59:38 UTC 2017

On 2017.09.05. 12:53, Nick Hocking wrote:
> We are ,mostly, volunteers.  Therefore I think we should map whatever
> takes our fancy and should not feel obliged to spend our time/money on
> mapping that we do not want to do willingly.
> If the location based service providers find that certain info is
> missing that they would like to have then maybe they could pay someone
> to collect the data, or even better, do it themselves.
> If you can convince mappers to alter their mapping habits, well and
> good, but trying to shame or threaten them into doing so will just
> destroy whatever community there is.
> Your statement (highly paraphrased) of "If you don't map what I want you
> to map, then nobody is going to want to use your data" may not be the
> best way to win people over to your cause.
wtf, man. the analysis that Frederik showed to be deeply flawed before
is one thing, but this reaction is just wtf.

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