[Talk-us] Rural US: Correcting Original TIGER Imported Ways

Max Erickson maxerickson at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 19:07:04 UTC 2018

In National Forests, USFS road data usually has sensible information
about the suitability of roads for general traffic.

There's an imagery layer showing the Forest Service data:


I prefer opening transformed data as a layer in JOSM. Here's the
script I use to translate the data:


Followed by a command like

    ogr2ogr /share/gis/extracts/test.shp /share/gis/USFSOsm/ -clipsrc
-85.2 46.2 -84.5 46.6

to clip out an area of interest. The advantage is not having to
remember a second set of visualizations for the various road features.


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