[Talk-us] Help fight advertising

OSM Volunteer stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Thu Mar 1 23:33:50 UTC 2018

Thank you Frederik, thank you Ian.  Yes!  To both of you.

I am glad to see Frederik encourages me to do what I (somewhat timidly, at first) already now do in earnest:  sweep up when I see some poop in our map.  It took me many years to grow my confidence as an OSM volunteer as "somebody who knows what he is doing" and I still do this with very reserved pride and a touch of caution and trepidation that I might go too far, then I aim for the sweet spot of "this is how we map" and it is good.  Please, I encourage all of us to stand up straight (even on our tiptoes every once in a while if we must reach for mature editing skills) and screw up our courage and confidence to do this very important work.  It is vital to the future of OSM.

I would also like Ian to follow up (here, in a week or three) with what he learned about "real analytics-based research yielding excellent intelligence that this minor-to-moderate problem is N # of SEO firms, and we are watching certain IP addresses."  (Or something similar, like a newer wiki page like "region-based anti-vandalism skill development").  You know, what smart people with good tools do when "paint bombs are being thrown at our canvas."  Let's be those smart people and use those good tools, developing them with good dialog and documenting what we mean to do.

Happy mapping and have a great day!


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