[Talk-us] Help fight advertising

OSM Volunteer stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Fri Mar 2 00:09:53 UTC 2018

I phoned a local business owner from Frederik's list and learned he used "Bright Valley Marketing" (https://www.brightvalleymarketing.com) out of Sacramento, California:  it was they who apparently are the culprit.  The business owner was happy to recognize and vaguely seemed to understand the harm to both his business and OSM, then encouraged me to remove the ad "from whatever seems to be bothering you, Steve."  After I said that we're trying to get these kinds of SEO firms to change their business practices, he wished me "good luck with that."  Good, honest, done in sixty seconds, actionable and now you know, too.

One down.  (Who is going to call Bright Valley and chew their ear off?)  I put some good soul into this project (Frederik), what's the script for next?


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