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If the below doesn’t suffice for the community or we need clarification, I have a GIS contact at the County that you could contact to get explicit permission.  I just don’t have it on me at the moment.  I’ll get it for you by Monday.  I could also assist you with processing the data if you would like assistance, as I’m running the Dakota County Building with Address import.

Joe Sapletal

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Subject: [Talk-us] Rice County, Minnesota Import

I know this may be meant more for imports-us, but I was advised to post 
to talk-us instead:

A while ago I've noticed that my local county had published a bit of 
their GIS data online in some "open geospatial commons" repository ( 
gisdata.mn.gov ), but couldn't find any clear license terms on it's 
usage. However I've found a few points, and I'll use the Parcel Points 
as an example: 

If you go to the "Full Metadata Record" file, it'll bring you to: 

Under Section 1, there's the fields of "Access Constraints" and "Use 
Constraints", which are set as "none".

If you pick through the website's metadata guidelines (from  
http://www.mngeo.state.mn.us/committee/standards/mgmg/metadata.htm go to 
"Identification Information"), there's the following page that describes 
those fields: 

     Access Constraints: Restrictions and legal prerequisites for 
accessing the data set. These include any access constraints applied to 
assure the protection of privacy or intellectual property, and any 
special restriction or limitation on obtaining the data set.

     Use Constraints: Restrictions and legal prerequisites for using the 
data set after access is granted (ex. transferring to others).

As aforementioned, the metadata of specific dataset that I'm using as an 
example, is set as "none". Meaning there are no restrictions on it's 
access or usage, especially giving an example such as redistribution.

Furthermore, as the service requires of anyone publishing any data on 
this resource, it says: "It is assumed that all resources (data, 
services, apps and maps) accessed directly from the Commons will be 
freely available and public. If resources require a license or payment, 
a publisher may only publish a metadata record describing the resource 
that points to another location to acquire the resources." ( 
https://gisdata.mn.gov/content/?q=help/publisher_expectations ). And 
with my example that I provided, all the assets are directly hosted on 
this service, not externally.

Is this sufficient to be able to do an import of the provided example, 
and possibly any other data on this service that matches the same 
aforementioned criteria?

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