[Talk-us] Announcing New MapRoulette beta

Martijn van Exel m at rtijn.org
Mon Mar 26 18:13:37 UTC 2018

Hi all, 

A brand new MapRoulette is now in public beta and I would very much like for you to start using it and let me know what you think! You can go to http://maproulette.org/mr3 right now to try it.

If you're not familiar with MapRoulette, it's a micro-tasking tool that serves up small tasks to improve OpenStreetMap in <1 minute. The tasks are grouped in challenges which anyone can create. Some examples are below.

Here is an overview of MapRoulette and the new features in this release: https://github.com/maproulette/maproulette3/wiki/What's-new-in-MapRoulette-3 

Some examples of US based challenges that you may enjoy working on:
* Fix TIGER roads in Washington: http://maproulette.org/mr3/browse/challenges/2871
* A similar challenge for LA County: http://maproulette.org/mr3/browse/challenges/237 
* Add Georgia Motorway Exit Destination Information: http://maproulette.org/mr3/browse/challenges/2939 (there are 'sister' challenges for other states, use the search to locate those.)

There are challenges worldwide in case you prefer to help folks abroad.

Anyone can create challenges! You can use a GeoJSON file or an Overpass query. The Challenge wizard is much improved compared to the previous version. Your feedback on that is especially welcome. If you need help, holler.

Please let me know your feedback and ideas!
  Martijn van Exel
  m at rtijn.org

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