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Wed Sep 12 19:51:04 UTC 2018

OK, after speaking to some folks, I am here:

1.  Permission:
    There's an address on their website (GIS at miamidade.gov). I asked
    them specifically about availability for openstreetmap.org. I got
    a response from the lady in charge (I know her) that said:

    "The data is freely available for download and use with the understanding that it is not guaranteed to be accurate, correct, or
     complete and conclusions drawn from such information are the sole responsibility of the user."

    I saved the email, in case it is needed.

2.  Which data:
    Originally, I thought a "point" layer for all addresses would be great
    because it would allow address search without the weight of a full polygon. I've been told OSM prefers address tags on buildings.
    Thus, it's 2 layers we would need:
    a) address with point representation:
    b) building footprint polygons:

3.  Things that need to be done, which I know how to do:
    The data needs to be "massaged".
    The address data includes "condo". Thus, it has an address for each unit in a building. That needs to be trimmed to just one street
    address per building.
    Address abbreviations need to be converted. (ie. 1234 NW 33rd Ct needs to become 1234 Northwest 33 Court).

4.  Things that need to be done, which I don't know how to do:
    Some building footprints already exist and some of them have an address. There would need to be a way to determine duplication.
    I have AutoCad & ESRI experience, but know nothing of OSM data & tools.
    I don't know any local people that are doing this. Is there a way to
    find them?

Thanks to all who have already helped me.


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On Tuesday, 11 September 2018 12:22, Rihards richlv at nakts.net wrote:

> On 2018.09.11. 19:13, mangokm40 wrote:
> > This is my first post.  Be gentle, if I fail some etiquette test. :)
> > I was testing the "maps.me" application and noticed address search
> > didn't work.  It turns out it was a data problem.  OSM doesn't have all
> > the addresses for Miami (Dade county), Florida.  This surprised me
> > because our county makes this information available to the public.
> > The main dataset I thought would be useful can be found here:
> > https://gis-mdc.opendata.arcgis.com/datasets/address-with-condo
> > As a point feature class, I figure it could be lightweight and allow
> > search for ANY address in the county.  The data can be downloaded in KML
> > or SHP format.  The license link displays this:
> > "Miami-Dade County provides this data for use "as is". The areas
> > depicted by this map/data are approximate, and are not accurate to
> > surveying or engineering standards. The maps/data shown here are for
> > illustration purposes only and are not suitable for site-specific
> > decision making. Information found here should not be used for making
> > financial or any other commitments. Miami-Dade County provides this
> > information with the understanding that it is not guaranteed to be
> > accurate, correct or complete and conclusions drawn from such
> > information are the sole responsibility of the user. While every effort
> > has been made to ensure the accuracy, correctness and timeliness of
> > materials presented, Miami-Dade County assumes no responsibility for
> > errors or omissions, even if Miami-Dade County is advised of the
> > possibility of such damage."
> > Since we think of Miami as a "global" destination, I thought search
> > address would be valuable to OSM.  Is this something that has
> > been explored?  Am I wasting my time?
> Hi and thank you for such a thoughtful email - and for your attention to
> detail.
> It looks like what you have quoted is more like a liability clause than
> a full licence. Do they have more on the licence? Or is it PD because of
> higher regulation?
> > If this is useful, I'll be happy to help.  If I posted to the wrong
> > place, please point to the right place.
> > Mango, in rainy Miami    (_8'()
> --
> Rihards
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