[Talk-us] USPS Post Boxes

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> Subject: Re: [Talk-us] USPS Post Boxes
> It would be good to standardize on operator tags for the 4 major carriers
> as you mentioned.  The logos for DHL, FedEx, and UPS have those exact
> letters in them, so if people map what they see, then they will end up with
> those exact values.  However, as mentioned, the USPS logo actually contains
> the text United States Postal Service.
> I could be convinced to switch my tagging from United States Postal Service
> to USPS.  Are there any arguments to support the short form beyond it being
> easier to type?


I would like to point out there are free, little utilities like 
Typertask that will quickly expand a few keystrokes into many more 
letters.  This can greatly speed up typing long strings like "United 
States Postal Service".


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