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Leif Rasmussen 354lbr at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 04:16:59 UTC 2018

Hi everyone,
The opinions expressed on the USPS/United States Postal Service tagging
have been very mixed, with seemingly equivalent numbers of people
supporting both options.  Based on the following facts, I have decided to
convert the tag "operator"="USPS" on post boxes to "operator"="United
States Postal Service".
1) We all agree that all USPS post boxes should have the same operator tag,
but disagree on the minor detail of which tag is better: "USPS" or "United
States Postal Service".
2) I saw, overall, a larger number of good arguments for expanding the
operator tag, including the fact that the words "United States Postal
Service" appear on the post boxes themselves.
3) Expanding USPS would be in line with the OSM "expand abbreviations"

I will create the changeset Thursday evening if nobody replies with an
objection.  If you are strongly against this change, please stop me before
*The changeset will do the following* to post boxes tagged with
"operator"="USPS", "operator"="US Post Services", "operator"="US Post
Service", "operator"="US Postal Service", "operator"="US Postal Services",
"operator"="U.S. Post Services", "operator"=" U.S. Post Service",
"operator"="U.S. Postal Service", and "operator"="U.S. Postal Services":
* *Convert the value of "operator" to "United States Postal Service".  *

** Add the tag "operator:wikidata"="Q668687".  *
** Add the tag "operator:wikipedia"="en:United States Postal Service".    *
** Fix any warnings or errors that come up in the JOSM validator window
(such as incorrect collection times format).  *

*Post offices will not be affected by this change. * If someone would like
them to also have uniform operator tags, they can propose that separately.
Thank you to everyone who commented on this issue!  I highly appreciated
the views expressed, and believe that they greatly improved the end outcome
of this change.  *Again, if you still strongly oppose this change or I am
forgetting something important, let me know before Thursday evening!  *
Leif Rasmussen
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