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Aaron Forsythe idnwys at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 12:57:59 UTC 2018

I’d be weary of using what’s on the box as the operator.  There are multiple types of drop boxes provided by USPS (also UPS and FedEx have multiple types).  These have different restrictions on the type of mail/packages that should go in those boxes.  Putting in the wrong box can likely cause a delay in the transit time, and even could cause a return to sender.

Personally, I’d rather go by what the operator uses with legal terms.  Examples: Copyright © 2018 USPS, Copyright ©1994- 2018 United Parcel Service of America, Inc., © FedEx 1995-2018, 2018 © DHL International GmbH.  This shows 3/4 of the major operations near here use abbreviations.  Therefore, I would suggest abbreviations for all.

Sorry for joining this discussion late.

- Aaron Forsythe

> For those tagged with an operator, most are one of the many variations 
on the US Postal Service name: 
> 3609 * usps
> 199 *us postal service
> 125 * u.s. postal service
> 12 * us post
> 11 * united states postal service (used to be popular before Leif's mass 
> 4 * us mail (some older post boxes still say this on the side) 
> 1 * united states postal office
> 1 * usps express mail
> 1 * usps.com
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