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Leif Rasmussen 354lbr at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 13:16:40 UTC 2018

No, I was not planning on converting post boxes to the 'correct' operator
value regularly, but that sounds like a good idea.

I have very little opinion in which value of operator should be used, as
long as they are consistent.  I think that basing the 'preferred' values on
what can be found printed on the post boxes, however, is a good idea.  This
methodology produces the following:
* FedEx
* United States Postal Service
This system makes the most sense to me, as it reduces the amount of
possible confusion.  DHL, as a matter of fact, can't be expanded, because
it is the initials of the three founders: Adrian *D*alsey, Larry *H*illblom,
and Robert *L*ynn.
"United Parcel Service" is rarely seen on post boxes - only the text "ups"
FedEx is the same.  The company rebranded from "Federal Express" to "FedEx"
in January 2000, making "FedEx" the correct value to use.
For the United States Postal Service, the text "United States Postal
Service" is always displayed on the post boxes, which seems like a good
argument to go with the expanded version.

I think that the above values are the best, but would be happy to adopt any
other values.

Regarding a MapRoulette challenge, how would that work?  Would all post
boxes be converted to "United States Postal Service" before or after the
challenge, or would me changing operator tags be completely unnecessary?

Does Nominatim consider "operator:wikipedia" and "operator:wikidata" tags?
If so, I think that that would be an issue with Nominatim, and not the
tagging, correct?  I agree with you and Brian about "wikidata" and
"wikipedia" tags being wrong, but I think that "operator:wikidata" and
"operator:wikipedia" should be fine.

Good points!  Many post boxes do not have the operator value, and a
community review of those would be a great idea (if people have the time
for that).  Thanks for pointing out all of those variations of the same
operator!  I did not know that all of them existed, and will definitely
convert all to the "correct" value if I manage to go ahead with a

Finally, should I also "fix" UPS and FedEx boxes as well in the changeset?
It would be nice for all post boxes to be consistently tagged.

Thank you,

Leif Rasmussen
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