[Talk-us] National Forest boundaries

Paul White pjwhite1010 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 19:02:52 UTC 2020

Hello everyone,

I wanted to get some opinions on how exactly National Forest boundaries
should appear in OSM.

Currently there are 2 ways national forest boundaries appear:

1. As simply the proclamation boundary, the original boundary authorized by
Congress, like Pike National Forest
This, of course, shows entire towns as protected like a National Forest.

2. A boundary that excludes lands not owned by the Forest Service,
therefore, only includes the land actually under the protection of the
National Forest. See Coconino National Forest.

The USFS describes it as such:

> “External boundary” refers to the perimeter boundaries of a national
> forest or grassland. In some cases, this boundary is also referred to as a
> “proclamation” boundary, or the outer boundary within which Congress
> authorized a particular national forest to be established.“Internal
> boundaries” are those boundaries located within the external boundaries
> that distinguish National Forest System lands from other lands (often
> referred to as inholdings).

Which one would be better? Looking forward to feedback.

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