[Openstreetmap] GPS point submission format

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Tue Nov 16 12:50:43 GMT 2004

[Matt Amos]
> for certain chipsets you can pull pseudo range and availability info 
> out of the GPS unit (i have a SiRF-based and it works with SiRF 
> binary protocol, but i hear it works with Garmin's protocol as well).

How can I find out if my GPS support this?  How can I find out if it
is SiRF-based?

> there are models available online under the GPSToolkit aegis which
> can do sophisticated offline DGPS and atmospheric modelling. this
> can bring your position down to within 2m, alledgely. personally, i
> havent finished writing the SiRF drivers yet, so i couldnt say.

Ah, yes.  I read about the GPS Toolkit in the september 2004 issue of
Linux Journal, and it sounded like a very nice project.  The article
mention RINEX as an exchange format.  Anyone know if it is a format we
should consider?

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