[Openstreetmap] Large data structure formats? (was: How do we handle large amount of GPS points?)

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Thu Nov 18 10:38:14 GMT 2004

[Matt Amos]
> cool! is it annotated?

No.  This raw GPS points, as shown on the SQL table definition I
included in my initial mail in this thread.

>> I guess my question is really, how should we handle such wast
>> amount of points?  Steve, do you want 7 million points from Norway
>> in your database?  Ready to handle it?  How do you want it?
> yes!

Well, how do you want it?  What format do you want?  The raw data is
>100 MiB compressed.

> as far as i see it, the post/my-sql databases should be able to
> handle this sort of load and search it pretty quickly - thats what
> databases are for, right?

Well, my system is slow.  I guess the complete lack of indexes is a
problem.  Anyone know how to index timedate fields to increase speed
when doing 'select * from table order by time'?

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