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Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Thu Dec 1 11:00:17 GMT 2005

A couple of side-issues...

Andy wrote:

> CycleWAY	ie Cycle routes

It would be _excellent_ to get the National Cycle Network mapped on OSM. The NCN
will only work if the public is aware of where the routes go, and as yet, it's
not as prevalent on maps as it should be. Sustrans, of course, has a full set
of shapefiles mapping each and every route, but they're derived from reference
to OS data.

Unfortunately I didn't take my GPS with me when I cycled NCN route 8
(Cardiff-Holyhead) this year - the eTrex would have run out of memory after
about a day. I could probably reconstruct most of it by reference to
out-of-copyright maps, though.

> BridleWAY	ie Suitable for horses		Might also include Canal
> towpaths

Ha, this is one I do know about. :)

Canal towpaths are almost never bridleways (yes, curious given that they were
built for horses). They're generally "permissive paths" (i.e. you're allowed on
by favour of the landowner, often British Waterways) rather than rights of way.
Some, as on the Kennet & Avon Canal and the Birmingham Main Line, are
cycleways: almost all are footways.

> RailWAY	ie Ways with rails		Includes TramWAY and Monorails
> WaterWAY	ie Navigable/non-navigable	Rivers and Canals

Need to think about what generations of OS maps have described as "Cse. of old
rly." - in other words, a derelict railway where the rails are no longer there,
but which is very much in evidence on the ground. There are hundreds of miles of
this throughout Britain - sadly - and they're very easy to draw from aerial
photographs. Same applies for derelict canals.

In a separate project, I'm mapping all the derelict railways of Great Britain
(www.systemeD.net/atlas/), but not as yet in an OSM-usable or even consistently
georectified form.


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