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Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Dec 1 11:26:36 GMT 2005

Richard Fairhurst wrote:

>It would be _excellent_ to get the National Cycle Network mapped on OSM.
>The NCN
>will only work if the public is aware of where the routes go, and as yet,
>not as prevalent on maps as it should be. Sustrans, of course, has a full
>of shapefiles mapping each and every route, but they're derived from
>to OS data.

I agree 100% with you on this.

>> BridleWAY	ie Suitable for horses		Might also include Canal
>> towpaths
>Ha, this is one I do know about. :)
>Canal towpaths are almost never bridleways (yes, curious given that they
>built for horses). They're generally "permissive paths" (i.e. you're
>allowed on
>by favour of the landowner, often British Waterways) rather than rights of
>Some, as on the Kennet & Avon Canal and the Birmingham Main Line, are
>cycleways: almost all are footways.

You are absolutely right. Towpaths are better left as FootWAYs with the
addition of <rights>

As an attribute of the way type I have a generic list of "rights" which
includes such things as the public/permissive/private issues as well as user

>> RailWAY	ie Ways with rails		Includes TramWAY and
>> WaterWAY	ie Navigable/non-navigable	Rivers and Canals
>Need to think about what generations of OS maps have described as "Cse. of
>rly." - in other words, a derelict railway where the rails are no longer
>but which is very much in evidence on the ground. There are hundreds of
>miles of
>this throughout Britain - sadly - and they're very easy to draw from aerial
>photographs. Same applies for derelict canals.

This issue falls under my descriptors <disc> list which covers such things
as the condition (eg paved, unpaved, disused etc) as well way configuration
information (eg elevated, embankment, cutting, width, number of lanes, width

I also have a separate list that covers the identifiers <ident> which
includes such things as the name, old name and alphanumeric references (eg

>In a separate project, I'm mapping all the derelict railways of Great
>(www.systemeD.net/atlas/), but not as yet in an OSM-usable or even
>georectified form.

Its interesting work you're doing there.


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