[Openstreetmap] Are there any guides for creating common road layouts?

Simon Hewison simon at zymurgy.org
Thu Dec 1 16:38:09 GMT 2005

Immanuel Scholz wrote:
> Hi,
>>Do any guides exist for creating common road structures/layouts using
>>either the online or offline editors?
> Not of what I am aware of.
>>I'm thinking in particular of things like roundabouts, motorway onramps
>>etc. I know that there's no bezier curves or anything, so how do you guys
>>normally do roundabouts? How many points do you add in?
> I would use just the one point in the middle and add some key like
> "roundabount=1".


which would give a nice enough hint for something to render a small 

That works fine for mini roundabouts, but large intersections with 
multiple dual carriageways, motorway merging and the like need a far 
more complicated structure, though it would be nice to be able to group 
all the nodes that form part of a junction and say "This interchange is 
collectively known as M25 J20", which would help if the data is being 
used to generated spoken driving directions.

Simon Hewison

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