[Openstreetmap] osmpedit - Perl/Tk editor for osm

Tommy Persson tpe at ida.liu.se
Sat Dec 3 19:10:03 GMT 2005

Since I wanted to be able to edit data without starting a web browser
(my living room computer only has 128M memory and a 300MHz CPU :-) and
I wanted to experiment with tags and displaying the data in different
ways I wrote my own editor.  And since this is a hobby project I wanted
to have fun also so I wrote the editor in Perl/Tk.

It now has so much functionality that it might be useful for other
people.  To test it you have to know how to install Perl modules from
CPAN since I seem to have used some modules that are not in Debian
unstable at least.  The editor is avaliable here:


Comments and suggestiond for new functionality are very welcome.  It
is relatively easy to add new functionality.  The hard part is to
decide what you want to have and how you want the interface to work.

osmpedit supports setting class and some other tag keys for segments.
Currently only "street", "path", "motorway" and "train" is possible to
set.  The different categories will be displayed in different colours.
I have added bicycle paths in Linköping as "path" for example.  The
disadvantage with that might be that editors that does not show this
in different colours will give a confusing veiw.  "street", "path" and
"motorway" should show up in freemap also.

Notice that landsat tiles are cached and you can scroll smoothly just
by "moving" the background image.


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