[Openstreetmap] osm-editor update

nick at hogweed.org nick at hogweed.org
Tue Dec 6 00:21:38 GMT 2005

Latest update of osm-editor now in subversion.

Rather hacky and rough around the edges, but a number of new features. Am 
waiting for the dev server to go live when I will be able to work on some 
server-side code (namely an API call to upload a complete 0.2 OSM format XML 
document over HTTP) which will enable osm-editor's API-interfacing code to in 
turn become much cleaner than presently.

osm-editor can now do the following:

* Allows user to modify OSM data then re-upload it. You can select a segment, 
give it a name and change the segment type. WARNING! re-uploads can 
occasionally cause osm-editor to freeze due to lack of response from the 

* Allows user to modify OSM points of interest and re-upload. NB UNTESTED! 
have added the code but have not had time to test, and it's late and 
tomorrow's the heaviest day of the week...

* Live update mode. If you login to live update mode, you can alter segments 
and the changes will be immediately sent back to OSM. Obviously this isn't 
appropriate off-line.

Would like to implement a Landsat  "slippy map" in osm-editor but time is 
short and I'm not sure if I will have the time to do it *and* work on the 
server side drawing code on the dev server. Will keep the list posted.


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