[Openstreetmap] osm-editor update

Tommy Persson tpe at ida.liu.se
Tue Dec 6 00:34:33 GMT 2005

> * Allows user to modify OSM data then re-upload it. You can select a
> segment, give it a name and change the segment type. WARNING!
> re-uploads can occasionally cause osm-editor to freeze due to lack
> of response from the server.

This will not work if two people edit at the same time.  If I was
going to implement this I would do the changes locally and then
download the current state and merge the changes before uploading.
With this method the time where things can go wrong will be minimized
(locking should be good to have).  With the method where you edit and
upload all the changes you will overwrite changes done by other
persons during the editing time.


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