[Openstreetmap] Disclaimers on rights of way?

David Cantrell david at cantrell.org.uk
Tue Dec 6 14:25:24 GMT 2005

On Tue, Dec 06, 2005 at 11:31:10AM -0000, Andy Robinson wrote:
> Rev Simon Rumble wrote:
> >How about a plain English disclaimer like this:
> >The data in OSM is collected from individuals.  We can't make any claims
> >or guarantees of accuracy because they could be putting any old garbage
> >in our dataset.  Be sure to take this into account when using the data
> >and don't rely on it for anything really important.
> I'm all for making it simple and plain. But since we are making a disclaimer
> to stop a user making a claim through the courts then surely it has to meet
> the requirements of the legal profession and not us. If the plain English
> approach is acceptable to them then I'm definitely for it. 
> I suspect they might have a problem with the legal definition of "any old
> garbage" though :)

I once had a bit of argie-bargie online with some patent lawyer who was
trying to explain why he had to use five lines of impenetrable jargon to
say "a box with an open top".  His argument was that "a box" is
insufficiently well defined.  He couldn't see that every single word he
had used was insufficiently well defined.  But look in a dictionary!
EVERY definition is either circular or is left open by the use of words
in definitions which do not have their own entry in the dictionary!

>From this, I conclude either that all lawyers are retards, or that his
argument about why he had to use too many words was incorrect.  Or both.

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