[Openstreetmap] Naming segments using applet

Peter Knowles peter at peterknowles.com
Tue Dec 6 16:24:33 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I've just started entering in GPS tracklogs and laying down nodes/segments
for my area. I'd like to name these segments now. Am I correct in assuming
that I would have to name each individual segment of a street in order to
make it clear that this is a single, consistent object/track?

That's pretty much impossible, considering that some of the streets are
made up of *many* segments (a single bend has multiple segments). So, what
is the best way to achieve this? Do you guys use the josm editor, or
osmeditor in order to extract the data from the DB, join the partial
segments into tracks and then update the DB again?

Can some kind soul walk me though this? How do I pull/push the data from
the DB using osmeditor/josm? What tags do I need to add to the tracks?

Also, I found it pretty painful entering the nodes/segments using the
applet. Firstly, as others had mentioned, the nodes kept on disappearing
after I had placed them down. I had to keep repeating the edit until it
stuck. Grrrr. Also, more importantly, the mouse cursor flickers terribly
on my Sun 1.5 JVM in Linux/Firefox. I didn't see a ticket for this in
Trac. Is it just me?


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