[Openstreetmap] Re: Naming segments using applet

Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Dec 7 14:21:54 GMT 2005

I was just thinking about this again and applying some logic.

I looked at the example in the UK of the M6 motorway junction 6.

M6 J6 is the alpha numeric label reference and as such as best applied as a
point of interest reference.
The same junction also has the official title of Gravely Hill Interchange
which can either be applied to specific segments of the junction, the
roundabout below it or (generally the case on maps) as a further point of
interest reference, at an offset location to the first one.
Finally there is the AKA. ie that the junction has always been known as
"spaghetti junction". But this is not its official name and hence again its
best used as a poi reference.

So can the same approach be applied to streets. Possibly.

Most streets have an official name. For many there may likely be more than
one official name or reference. But these names and references may not
necessarily apply to the same total section of street. After all the A4
leaves London and runs through Bristol and beyond. The street name changes
many times as it goes through each conurbation on route but its still also
called the A4.
Looking on a local streetmap I have to hand (Guildford as it happens) I see
that a street is labelled within its width by what it is known as at
municipality level. Additionally at the side of the street it also shows, in
a different font size and colour, the alphanumeric designation. These
additions are no different from the display of an arrow on a specific street
segment that indicates the direction of travel.
Clearly these are all references to the street but equally clearly they are
separate entities which are displayed in different ways.

I hope I'm not just muddying the water here.


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