[Openstreetmap] Re: Naming segments using applet

Frank Mohr f_mohr at yahoo.de
Wed Dec 7 22:22:15 GMT 2005

Andy Robinson wrote:
> Frank Mohr wrote:
> both solutions wouldn't solve the problem that a street might have
>>more than two names
>>just to repeat my example with "Bundestraße" in Germany or RN in France
>>Outside of cities, the Street has just a Label "B nr" or "RN nr",
>>inside, it also has a name
>>Ex. 2 Names
>>B26 - Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. (Griesheim) - Rheinstr. (Darmstadt)
>>3 Names:
>>B42 - B42 + B3 - Gräfenhäuser Str. (Darmstadt) - B42 ends here
>>                                  B3 continues on Kasinostr.
>>Or for Imi in Munich:
>>2 names: Landsberger Str = B2
>>3 names: Brudermühlstr. = E54 and "Mittlerer Ring"

found just another example:
if i look at www.streetmap.co.uk,
Westminster Bridge in London seems to be a part of the A302

> If we look at how traditional maps handle these issues we generally find
> that for different map scales and audience the output for the same "street"
> varies. It may just be the alphanumeric reference when at large scale but
> the most detailed name when at street index level.
> So the DB needs to be able to handle not only a variety of names but also
> the context in which to display them. So perhaps you might have something
> like:
> <name display=global> for the generic designation when viewing from your
> private jet and 
> <name display=local> for a streetmap. 

traditional maps show overland streets in lanrge scale maps
and local streets in low scale maps

as you mention "private jets"
ICAO Aeronautical Charts are just topographical maps with
an additional layer that shows navigation and airport informations,
becons, no flight zones etc.

> If you look at a traditional streetmap you rarely find the same street given
> two names, rather any additional name is displayed on a specific segment of
> the street or it is referenced in some other way (eg locality <poi>
> reference).

usually you get them (sometimes color coded)
Bundestraßen and Landesstraße are usually drawn in yellow on
german maps, Autobahn in as 2 orange lines with red sides

they have a box with the number on the line and the street name
written on the line

On small scale maps it looks like:

-----------|           |-------------------------
           |   B 26    |  Wilhelm Leuschner Str.
-----------|           |-------------------------

On french maps (Michelin), they code main roades in red,
regional roars in yellow and draw the road nr in a box beside
the road



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