[Openstreetmap] Naming segments using applet

Tommy Persson tpe at ida.liu.se
Sun Dec 11 22:35:34 GMT 2005

> From: "Peter Knowles" <peter at peterknowles.com>
> That's pretty much impossible, considering that some of the streets are
> made up of *many* segments (a single bend has multiple segments). So, what

This inspired me to think about how to do it and if setting the name
is just one click on a segment then it should be efficient.  And if
the name can be selected from a menu then you do not have to type it
in when new segments is added to a street.  This is a general method
to set key/values.  So I did an implementation of this in osmpedit if
somebody want to see how it works.  The documentation says:

   Segment mode is also used for editing key/values for a segment.
   When the OSM data is loaded the KEY MENU is initialized with an
   entry for all the keys used in the data.  Selecting one key will
   change the colour of all segments containing that key to yellow and
   initalize the VALUE MENU with an entry for each value used in the
   data for the selected key.  Choosing one value will change the
   colour of the segments with this key/value pair to green.  Pressing
   the left button on a segment will set the key value in the server.
   This is a very efficient way to for example set the name of a
   street by setting it for each segment.  The NEW KEY button is used
   to create a new key and the NEW VALUE button is used to create a
   new values.  These new keys and values will be available in the key
   and value menues.


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