[Openstreetmap] Glitch in the viewer

Tom Carden tom at tom-carden.co.uk
Tue Dec 13 16:48:54 GMT 2005

On 12/13/05, Kendall Sears <krsears at starband.net> wrote:
> You could be correct. However last evening/night this was manifest on 3
> separate machines:  Linux(FC4, Celeron) running Firefox 1.5, Linux(FC3,
> Dual Athlon XP 1.7) running Firefox 1.0.7, and MacOS X.3 (PPC G4 533) on
> both Safari and Firefox 1.5.

It would manifest on everyone's machine - the cache is on the server.

> There were vector drop-outs panning along the interstate highway
> (running E-W) sometimes showing other times not.  The dropouts occurred
> upon the first viewing of the data (not yet cached) on the Mac.  The
> data are edited/viewed using the FC4 machine, and viewed on the others.
> Using refresh did not resolve the issue, nor did changing the scale.

Hmm... perhaps you're right and it's not to do with the server's image
cache.  Could it be the same problem others have reported - lines you
draw with the applet appear to be accepted and saved but then
disappear later?

> When this happens again I will make screenshots of the behaviour.

Can you also post the log from the editor? (Copy and paste the java
console, if possible).


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