[Openstreetmap] Glitch in the viewer

Kendall Sears krsears at starband.net
Tue Dec 13 15:20:16 GMT 2005

You could be correct. However last evening/night this was manifest on 3
separate machines:  Linux(FC4, Celeron) running Firefox 1.5, Linux(FC3,
Dual Athlon XP 1.7) running Firefox 1.0.7, and MacOS X.3 (PPC G4 533) on
both Safari and Firefox 1.5.  

There were vector drop-outs panning along the interstate highway
(running E-W) sometimes showing other times not.  The dropouts occurred
upon the first viewing of the data (not yet cached) on the Mac.  The
data are edited/viewed using the FC4 machine, and viewed on the others.
Using refresh did not resolve the issue, nor did changing the scale.

When this happens again I will make screenshots of the behaviour.


Kendall Sears <krsears at starband.net>

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