[Openstreetmap] New roads appearing without GPS tracks

Graham Wall g.hamwall at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 11:05:31 GMT 2005

On 16/12/05, Simon Hewison <simon at zymurgy.org> wrote:
> I've been editing some of the data near Newport, and I have been working
> on the premise that:
> I *personally know* that that the M4 now has two carriageways all the
> way to Pont Abraham, and that beyond that, there's dual carriageway on
> the A48 to Carmarthen, and dual carriageway on the A40 to the roundabout
> at St Clears.
> I *personally know* the road, having driven it many times (without
> carrying a GPS)
> I *personally know* the approximate locations of the junctions, and the
> shape of many of the junctions.

This was not meant in any way as a criticism, my aplogies if it came
across that way. Having the motorways all mapped out will be a great
example of what OSM can be, especially when the tagging system is
working. Obvously when GPS traces become available, then  the
positions of the roads can be tweaked.

>  From the landsat images (which we *can* use as reference), you can
> frequently make out the route of the roads [...]

I wasn't sure if that had been finally decided.


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