[Openstreetmap] Re: Naming segments using applet

Erik Johansson erjohan at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 16:54:57 GMT 2005

Kendall Sears wrote:
> And the
> entry accuracy is just not available, I'm collecting sub-meter accurate
> differentially corrected GPS points only to have the entry applet make
> me manually click to create a node that is way outside of the collected
> accuracy range.

Actually the current system stores the accuracy of the GPS-tracklogs,
so if you can approximate the hor/ver dilution of precision of your
points we  could just import them and decide what to do later.
Theoretically we could add a "make this GPX log a street" to the "GPX
logs page", but that's seldom what you want.

As Toms says, what kind of data do you want to import? Why not provide
us with a sample. We still have to make it display in the webapplet
for tracing/changing, since it's supposed to be wiki wiki after all..

Can't say nothing about OGC, only about the current system.


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