[Openstreetmap] Re: Naming segments using applet

SteveC steve at asklater.com
Tue Dec 20 04:49:52 GMT 2005

* @ 19/12/05 05:12:46 PM krsears at starband.net wrote:
> Going by the current schema (thanks for the link to them earlier) things
> are going to get real slow real soon as the data grow.  The means of
> attribute access aren't optimized for situations where one may need to
> search through terabytes of tags in order to visualize the data.

And OGC standards are faster? Prove it, Postgres has some fairly insane
text indexing.

> For starters, using the current schema, the order of insertion for
> street records so that I can write a shapefile importer.  That would get
> the street vector data in place.  But would leave the geocoded
> information unused as well as elevation data.

Inserting directly to the DB is not a nice way, can you talk to the API?

> > But they don't support the versioning and wiki-style rollback features 
> > we cherish, do they?
> SQL provides for versioning and rollback.

It does? In what sense? Like the way we currently do SQL or are you
saying we can leave versioning to the database entirely somehow?

> You just drove over the cliff. :-)  GIS data by their very nature are
> different than blog entries, documents, excel files, or even numerical
> data.  Spatial data encompasses attributes that don't immediately meet
> the casual analysis; or for that matter the in-depth analysis.  GIS data
> are not the purview of GIS professionals... on the contrary anyone can
> use spatial data.  However, it takes knowledge of GIS in order to make
> those data recallable in a useful manner.

So there is some data we can't represent in the keyval system?

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