[Openstreetmap] osmeditor2: revised version of osmeditor

Johnny Doe uucp1 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 20 00:14:14 GMT 2005

--- nick at hogweed.org wrote:

> Would like to announce the initial release of
> osmeditor2, a partly-rewritten 
> version of osmeditor.


> 2. Allow the user to set the name and type of a
> segment and node. Full 
> key-value editing support not yet present; instead a
> selection of 
> commonly-encountered segment and node types is
> present for the user to select 
> from.

I think you should define the 'obligatory' fields and
the "random junk". The presence of the obligatory
will allow the upload and download of the attribute
based on the category value (uid). It will be a major
database performance boost. I can't really believe
that you
want to keep the random-length 'tag' strings in the

> 3.  Ability to upload new data to OSM in a batch;
> useful if you want to do 
> offline editing.

The main question is how this data will be structured.

> 5. Live update, where you can change the types of
> segments and nodes, add a 
> name to a segment, add new segments and add new
> nodes live to the OSM server.
Can't wait for such feature :)

> Planned features:
> -reintroduce GPX save/load

GPX is not exactly the GIS holy grail. I wish i could
read and write 
the CSV attribute tables.

I will add the following to the feature list:

- caching the OSM login data, saving the retyping it
on any
bounding box change.
- identifying a person not by the login, but by the
RSA public key,
the way ssh works.

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