[Openstreetmap] osmeditor2: revised version of osmeditor

nick at hogweed.org nick at hogweed.org
Sun Dec 18 13:49:57 GMT 2005

Would like to announce the initial release of osmeditor2, a partly-rewritten 
version of osmeditor.

The new version has been designed much more with the OpenStreetMap data model 
in mind; the old osmeditor was becoming a complete mess as I originally 
designed it based round the Freemap data model, and gradually converted it to 
be more OSM friendly.

osmeditor2 will do the following:

1. Read trackpoints and waypoints in from a Garmin GPS device, as before. Note 
that whilst the original osmeditor created segments from joining the 
trackpoints, osmeditor2 does not. It just creates nodes from the trackpoints. 
It's then up to the user to create new segments from "joining the dots"; I 
have personally found this way to be more user friendly than editing the GPS 
track and removing excess trackpoints. However it may be less user friendly 
for very long road journeys on motorways, so in time I might put the old 
method back in.

2. Allow the user to set the name and type of a segment and node. Full 
key-value editing support not yet present; instead a selection of 
commonly-encountered segment and node types is present for the user to select 

3.  Ability to upload new data to OSM in a batch; useful if you want to do 
offline editing.

4. Can save and load data in the native OSM 0.2 format. GPX support in 
osmeditor2 is not yet present but will be added back.

5. Live update, where you can change the types of segments and nodes, add a 
name to a segment, add new segments and add new nodes live to the OSM server.

Note that the old osmeditor code is still present in Subversion, so you can 
choose which version to build:


will build the old osmeditor.

make osmeditor2

will build the new.

Planned features:
-handle HTTP response error codes!!! (the most urgent)
-reintroduce GPX save/load
-replace cURL for the Qt HTTP API, to make the internal code cleaner and to 
allow asynchronous HTTP calls.
-fast Landsat fetching (slippy map style); enabled by the above.
-allow users to move and delete nodes.

Feedback (aside from planned features above) would be welcome.


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