[Openstreetmap] viaducts

Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Dec 20 20:28:08 GMT 2005


Welcome to OSM.

Currently when using the applet there is no way to distinguish between line
segments that are at different elevations. If the two line segments do not
meet (ie there is no physical connection in real life) then simply ensure
that there is no common node connecting them, simply let one line segment
cross over the other. Some time in the future it will be possible to set the
layer order in some way so that when a map is displayed it is clear which
line segment (eg street) passes over, or under another, rather than it being
a junction of these two streets.

Cheers, Andy

Andy Robinson

>Hello all,
>I just joined this "community" and started to add tracks.
>I have a question, I was mapping a road that crosses a big viaduct complex,
>with about 4 levels of roads interconnecting, and I would like to know how
>I indicate that the road I mapped does not connect with the other road that
>was already there?
>You can see it at
>The straight road does not connect to the other one, they pass at different
>levels. Probably this question has been asked (and answered) already
>sorry for that...
>Thank you in advance,
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