[Openstreetmap] Simple gps track format?

Rev Simon Rumble simon at rumble.net
Wed Dec 21 21:51:11 GMT 2005

Hi folks.  I'm toying around with my (limited) Perl skills and want to 
write a script to handle GPS data.  Not really on topic but I figure the 
skillset will be on here, if anywhere.

I just bought a smartphone that can talk to my Bluetooth GPS.  I've 
found a piece of software that will hit an arbitrary web location 
passing in the current location.  I want to take that and log it.

Now I'm not going to write something stateful so I can't write valid 
GPX. I want simple, quick, dirty.  So can anyone recommend a data format 
the gpsbabel can read that will take something as simple as one record 
per line of something like:
<Lat>	<Long>	<Date>	<Time>

Any suggestions?

Rev Simon Rumble <simon at rumble.net>

The Tourist Engineer
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