[Openstreetmap] Simple gps track format?

Frank Mohr f_mohr at yahoo.de
Wed Dec 21 23:16:43 GMT 2005

Rev Simon Rumble wrote:
> Hi folks.  I'm toying around with my (limited) Perl skills and want to 
> write a script to handle GPS data.  Not really on topic but I figure the 
> skillset will be on here, if anywhere.
> I just bought a smartphone that can talk to my Bluetooth GPS.  I've 
> found a piece of software that will hit an arbitrary web location 
> passing in the current location.  I want to take that and log it.
> Now I'm not going to write something stateful so I can't write valid 
> GPX. I want simple, quick, dirty.  So can anyone recommend a data format 
> the gpsbabel can read that will take something as simple as one record 
> per line of something like:
> <Lat>	<Long>	<Date>	<Time>
> Any suggestions?
gpsman has a rather simple track format, but gpsbabel supports
only the gpsman waypoint format.
(you can use gpsman to convert tracks to gpx)


the track format is (all fields separated by tabs)

!Format: DMS 1 WGS 84
!T:	trackname
	date	time	lat	lon	altitude

   26-Nov-2005  01:32:59   N50 00 41.3   E8 35 39.8  108.285644531

For floating point lat/long use !Format: DDD 1 WGS 84


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