[Openstreetmap] Buying Ikonos data

richard at systemed.net richard at systemed.net
Mon Feb 7 13:14:24 GMT 2005

Quoting Lester Caine <lester at lsces.co.uk>:

> Given the amount of detail contained in the OS data, it is 
> understandable that managing it is a chargeable item. However older maps 
> are now out of copyright, and can be used to create a 'free' set of 
> data, holes in which can be plugged using the various online resources.

Indeed - I hope to have some more news to post to the list soon about my CD/DVD
of New Popular Edition scans.

FWIW, I don't think what we're doing will impact greatly on the Ordnance Survey.
The level of information that we're collecting (i.e. streetmaps) is already
available from alternative suppliers, such as A-Z or Collins Bartholomew, for a
cheaper price than that offered by the OS. As a result, most Internet mapping
sites (Multimap, Streetmap etc.) use this data in preference to OS Streetview.

(Although there's clearly some interest there... for a while, ordsvy.gov.uk held
the top spot in the geowiki.com access logs. (-: )


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