[Openstreetmap] Business models and pricing

Hugh Barnard hugh.barnard at laposte.net
Mon Feb 7 17:42:48 GMT 2005

Actually, to be thoroughly contrary, there's some sense in that, since the
maps have to be maintained.  Something that we'll need to think about too...

For me, the main problem is level of pricing and 'functional' pricing (an
IBM idea from the '70s, somehow 10 users cost 10x more than one user) from
Ordnance Survey and affiliates.

Best regards Hugh

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> On 7 Feb 2005, at 01:45, Saul Albert wrote:
> > THEN we can start to build a significant political attack on closed
> > geodata,
> > the inspire directive etc.. becase we'll have an ace in the hole (is
> > that the
> > phrase..?) basically, we'll be saying to the OS &c. sort us out, or
> > we'll sort
> > ourselves out, and you'll be sorted out of business in the process.
> A significant problem with getting movement from the OS is that many of
> their customers actually base their business model on reselling data
> they licence from OS. Effectively they give their software away FoC and
> make their profit on sales of map data. That's not to say it can't
> change - just a bit of context about problems that will arise.
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> Andy Armstrong, hexten.net

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