[Openstreetmap] Buying Ikonos data

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Mon Feb 7 13:44:15 GMT 2005

On Mon, Feb 07, 2005 at 07:10:04AM -0000, Hugh Barnard wrote:
[ re buying a small Ikonos sample ]

I vote for this with both hands. Questions:
- is http://www.spaceimaging.com/ the best source? I've seen Schuyler
  browsing a 'select bbox and buy now' web UI, but i can't find it

- ISTR it's cheaper to buy the B/W panchromatic than the
  red,blue,green bands. For a sample, we should get both, then figure
  out if the B/W would be adequate for our purposes?

- What's the smallest sample area we can get away with? I'm interested
  most intensely in the dalston/shoreditch/aldgate/limehouse sort of
  area. I'm happy to spring for  the sample in the short term...

> Just to re-visit something that concerns me, process and democratisation.
> Simply put, if there's a clear simple way to add tracks to the data and
> annotate them, there'll be extra momentum. For example, I'm trying to buy a
> GPS at present, but I don't really know which one (advice welcome) will do a
> minimum for what we need. Secondly, many of the people who would be great
> volunteers are not aware of GPX, APIs, scripts, databases, they're maybe
> technology/web/ecology aware folks who move around.

nod. re the GPS, we're very happy with our Garmin eTrex (the blue one;
the yellow one is a very reasonable cheaper option, just has a
clunkier UI.) i hear newer Garmins won't support NMEA. (!)

I don't see any details of steve's XMLRPC interface on
openstreetmap.org, though i've seen them on the list. We had a simple
web-based GPX upload facility mostly done, i'm sure other people have
too. Instant-feedback for users - "see your map!" - will make a lot of

We have several "hacks" in the book describing how to use GPSBabel to
get your tracks out in GPX format in baby steps, and we can either get
re-use rights on them or rewrite them into the form of simple FAQs.
Perhaps we can work on some howto's and a friendly upload interface to
put at http://www.herebedragons.org.uk/ , if you're still up for that

At rufus' urging i started jotting a list of our available material at
It *is* easy to start getting carried away, making plans for spatial
indexes of GPX traces so you can download relevant areas via bbox
queries etc... but perhaps this is overkill for
what-we-can-share-between-ourselves rather than

A friend of ours has a set of hand-surveyed, segmented street lines
for central bristol, in his own crack-induced storage format, which
i'm hoping to get hands on next week; Saul, Schuyler and i plan to
spend a few weeks in bristol and i want to hack on annotation
interfaces quite heavily there. and hopefully have a semipublic
hackfest the first week of March, as saul suggested...

sorry for  long absence - i was mostly offline in india, January.


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