[Openstreetmap] Buying Ikonos data

richard at systemed.net richard at systemed.net
Mon Feb 7 15:48:33 GMT 2005

Quoting Andy Armstrong <andy at hexten.net>:

> I reckon the question of what constitutes a derived work is one that's 
> going to have to be addressed, isn't it? I mean you could just harvest 
> the whole postcode database from streetmap.co.uk but I imagine that 
> would be an infringement :)

I've often wondered what the copyright situation would be for crawling the web,
finding pages with a geocoded link to Multimap/Streetmap/whoever, and parsing
the result.

For example, if you've got a page that contains:

Visit us at Fred's Electrical Store, High Street West, Uppingham, Rutland LE15
6AB, or <a href="http://www.mapsite.com/easting=340000&northing=450000">click
here for map</a>

...then you know (a) where LE15 6AB is, (b) where there's a Fred's Electrical
Store, and (c) that LE15 6AB is associated with "High Street West, Uppingham,

The parsing would be quite hairy, but not impossible. Shame Google doesn't let
you search by regex...


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