[Openstreetmap] Which CC Licence for Data-Sets?

Saul Albert saul at twenteenthcentury.com
Tue Feb 22 22:18:29 GMT 2005

My opinion is that CC isn't clever enough on its own, and I dislike it for a
number of reasons too stupid and irritating to mention here (I mean, I think
having a flame war about the pros/cons about CC would be unproductive right

Here's my case for writing our own licence:

1. Having a new licence, rather than just being a*no*ther CC project makes a
bit of a splash - a new nifty logo for people to use, a new cult that helps
with PR. :)

2. Writing a licence helps to define the subtleties and particulars of the
knowledge domain you're working on. 

I worked on the Pico Peering agreement (http://picopeer.net) and the
discussions we had about making an open licence for free networks was probably
the most useful discussion I've ever had on either subject (licences or free
networks). Once we wrote it, we suddenly understood what we were doing - and
were all able to stand behind it and argue the case for free networks in
general in any context.

I'm very happy to see things coming together on this list, and I think we're
building up to doing some really brilliant work on free geodata - which will
cut into lots of other knowledge domains in very incisive ways. Building up to
the open knowledge foundation meeting on April 14th, we could make a strong
case for open geodata - wide scale adoption and participation. If we write a
licence, that will be something on the table to debate that will give us all
something to stand behind - and a position to argue from.

And we get to come up with a cool new name AND, most importantly, as steve
signs out - have fun! 

Oh dear. Writing licences is my idea of fun? The pub beckons.


> All good points. Damn. How to people feel about non-SA then?
> have fun,

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