[Openstreetmap] Which CC Licence for Data-Sets?

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Wed Feb 23 15:01:59 GMT 2005

[Saul Albert]
> Here's my case for writing our own licence:

I believe it is a bad idea to make yet another license.  Each new
license add to the workload of all potential users and contributors,
as they will have to read, understand and consider the license and
compare it to all the other licenses in use.  If we go with one of the
common licenses, the consequences will be well known, and the users
and contributors know what the license text is supposed to mean.

Sure, it might be fun to make a license text, but it isn't fun to be
on the receiving end when there are hundreds of different licenses to

As for the content of the license we choose, I do not really care if
all modifications are given back.  Part of the reason I'm involved
with this project is to demonstrate that it is possible to create high
quality maps without the Draconian licenses used by the national
mapping agency, and thus allow more people to use maps for whatever
they create maps for.  I hope this will force the government to
release their data as well, when they see how free geo-data increases
innovation and creativity.

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