[Openstreetmap] Which Licence for Data-Sets?

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Sat Feb 26 17:44:58 GMT 2005

I was offered an interesting reflection on the geodata licensing issue.

Use of data with no obligation to share alike, is a hinge of the
policy debate on state-collected geodata licensing; the free US model
allows large companies to profit with no obligation to contribute;
the european argument is that wanting reliable, up to date, data 
necessitates some cost-recovery practise. 

What license terms could we devise for ourselves, that would be
equally applicable to data collected by the Ordnance Survey, if it
were put near the "public domain"? e.g.

- nonprofit use should be free of cost
- commercial use should incur some contribution, in terms of
  information or money

Is it possible to write a license that works in the same way as
geocoder.us provides its service, basically "play nice for free but
please contact us and we'll talk terms for heavy commercial use"?


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