[Openstreetmap] Which Licence for Data-Sets?

Matt Amos matt at matt-amos.uklinux.net
Sat Feb 26 18:40:21 GMT 2005

On Saturday 26 February 2005 17:44, Jo Walsh wrote:
> Is it possible to write a license that works in the same way as
> geocoder.us provides its service, basically "play nice for free but
> please contact us and we'll talk terms for heavy commercial use"?

this is independant of the license we choose - the public download or 
access under CC-SA covers the "play nice for free" and we can just 
have a link to email if companies want an alternative one-off 
non-exclusive, non-transferrable access for commercial purposes.

to be honest, i can't think of a single situation where companies 
wouldn't want to use the CC-SA data. even sites like upmystreet would 
be better off CC-SAing their geographical data and overlaying their 
proprietary meta-data.

btw, the TFL journey planner is very very cool. do we know if they're 
using an OS-based imaging app, or have they made their own? the 
ability to download a map with overlayed routing in PDF is so useful.


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