[Openstreetmap] Unified data-gathering and editing application

Frank Mohr f_mohr at yahoo.de
Sun Feb 27 11:27:45 GMT 2005

Nick Whitelegg wrote:
> One key component of gathering and processing the data would, I feel, be a
> unified desktop application which can do several things, namely:
> - read data from a GPS;
> - allow the user to edit the data (waypoints, routes, tracks);
> - allow overlays of Landsat data, NASA SRTM height data, and any other
> freely-available data for estimation of not   easily-surveyable features e.g.
> woods, lakes, hill summits on private land;

I'm using "GPS Manager" (http://www.ncc.up.pt/gpsman/)
the website isn't available at the moment (as every sunday noon .. don't
know why .. maybe backup)
It's GPL licenced, written in Tcl/Tk, runs on Unix/Linux, MAC, Win

- read data from a GPS (Garmin, Lowrance and Magellan receivers)
- write it's own, GPX, Shape and some other formats
- loads bitmap data as background images (geo-reference function 
  is build in, but can also use GeoTIFF, TFW and OziExplorer 
- You can draw your own polylines on maps


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